Imagine All the People...
- John Lennon

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Visioning® breaks through to new ways of seeing, being and doing. In Visioning® we move through the “tried and true”, beyond peer pressure and family rules that no longer serve us, and shed old outworn beliefs. It is the Creative Self that rescues us from these ruts. Like the Fairy Godmother in the children’s stories, the Creative Self brings the magic that liberates us from parts of our past and parts of our selves that no longer work for us. The Fairy Godmother within comes through the right brain.

Dialoguing with Visioning Collage

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Visioning Collages helped manifest home & retreat center

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In Visioning® we integrate the hemispheres by engaging the left brain in writing activities. Pictures are not enough, so we use words, too. However, with non-dominant hand “image writing” we draw content and feelings from the right brain while using words from the left brain language centers. Dialogues between both hands, both sides of the brain, strengthen communication between head and heart. Dialoguing and doing movement activities based on the images completes the process of Visioning®. Our heart’s desire becomes a magnet for opportunities to realize our dreams. When our heart is in our dream, the world says YES!