I have a Dream...

- Martin Luther King

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Lucia's Story

The story of manifesting my own dream house is a perfect example of Visioning® at work. In August of 1992 I created collages on the theme “The Year Ahead.” Without intending to I found myself selecting pictures of a dream house in a dream setting by the sea, complete with studio and a view of pine trees.

At the time I did these collages I was living in the Los Angeles area and for many reasons buying a home in a remote area and moving away from Los Angeles, where my work and family responsibilities were, was practically-speaking impossible. The whole time I worked on these collages my Inner Critic kept telling me this was out of the question: I couldn’t afford it, my income sources were in southern California, and my father was suffering with terminal cancer. If my Inner Critic had gotten the upper hand I never would have completed these collages.

After journaling with my inner obstacles and looking at my collages everyday for several months, everything in my life changed without me making any other effort. In May of 1993, nine months after I created the collages, I moved into the house pictured on the next page. I gave birth to my dream.

Visioning Collage of Dream House

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These are two of a thee-part series I did on the same day in August of 1992.

Visioning Collage of Dream House and Beach Locale

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