To know is nothing at all; to imagine is everything. 
- Anotole France

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Visioning® Coaching: How it Works

Like all methods of coaching, Visioning® is structured into regular sessions. The goal of Visioning® is to:

  • Strengthen client commitment
  • Develop consistency and follow-through
  • Provide on-going support
  • Foster client self-confidence
  • Celebrate results

Commitment spells success. The client agrees to schedule a series of sessions. The initial session includes:

  • A brief introduction to Visioning® and interview
  • The heart’s desire meditation and finding a focus phrase
  • Creation of a Visioning® collage board

In the case of phone coaching, the client does the collage for homework, sending a photo to the coach for use in subsequent sessions.

Follow-up is done in half hour sessions weekly or hour-long sessions twice monthly. Each session is structured with time tested, effective activities and homework assignments. A three month commitment is recommended for optimal results.

See DIRECTORY for a certified Visioning® coach to choose from.

Lucia with Visioning Client

Tobey Crockett, a successful Visioning® enthusiast, shares the realization of her dream..

I have created collages of all the things I wanted to welcome into my life before, but with the Visioning course it was far more powerful experience. Starting with the meditation and the process of finding the images that resonated with me on that particular day, became far more impactful and a lot of fun. I enjoyed the peaceful process of working alone, silently unfolding the pictures that were to potentially go into my collage, but at the same time being guided by Ann and being a part of a group, (not to mention the beautiful surroundings). Creating the dialogue with each image I found particularly powerful, and finding out why it's on your collage, really takes the experience to another level. By the end of the day, I felt my life was really expressed in my collage. I look forward to building a further deeper relationship with my collage and continuing the interaction with all the images. Overall I felt Visioning brings a much deeper understanding of the self, and a direct contact with the deeper part of my soul.

-a Visioning Workshop participant, as reported by instructor Ann Beazer,