Everything you can imagine is real.
- Pablo Picasso

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What is Visioning®?

Visioning® is a whole brain method for realizing your dreams in all areas of life. Results using this ten-step method are based on my training and experience as an artist and designer. I applied the steps that every designer and architect uses to the creation of a fulfilling life. These ten-steps are explained and illustrated in my book, Visioning.

What is different and unique about Visioning®?

There are many life and career coaching methods and techniques for manifesting your dreams. All of them share a common goal:

To provide support for achieving individual or group goals.

Visioning Collage - cutting out pictures and words

Visioning® uses whole brain techniques for integrating the brain, marrying heart and mind, and manifesting dreams.

Visioning Collage: assembling

  • writing with both hands alternately (inner dialogues)
  • image writing (using collage images as a basis for insight writing)
  • reflective writing (activating the Witness and Director within)

Visioning Collage: searching for imagery

Visioning® is unique because of the methods used. It draws upon right brain techniques to find one's true heart's desire.

  • collage and drawing
  • the Creative Journal Method (my method of art/writing using both hands)
  • expressive arts techniques (movement, music, guided imagery, etc.)
  • Voice Dialogue and role playing

Visioning Collage: journaling while making